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Project Description

Bar Jack Diamond

For the Jack Diamond project we integrated concepts such as the art déco glamor, the outcast nature of literary characters such as Jay Gatsby —famous for hosting extravagant and endless parties— and the excitement of gambling. The location of the two-story venue —on top of  Luckia Casino and at the north end of “Zona T”— defined the arrangement of the functional elements; the design alludes to a luxurious hotel suite, which would have been modified to receive special guests and host wild parties. Inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character and the decadence and excesses of the roaring 20’s, we created a space where materials, colors and textures pay homage to the golden age of cinema.

Project execution: 5 meses
Date: mayo 2015
Size: 450 mt.2
Design and Construction: KdF Arquitectura