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Project Description

Nestle Minimarket

Nestlé Colombia proposed to move its minimarket to a strategically located spot in the city of Bogotá, open to the general public. In addition to the usual market layout, the project should function as a marketing laboratory directed at consumers and hypermarkets. The “wellness boutique” concept was also based on four design actions: first, to simplify the shopping experience and to facilitate decision-making (fewer references, fewer options); second, to encourage the interaction between the consumer and the products by downplaying the importance of the isles and shelves; third, to integrate the purchase process into the daily routines of the consumers to generate emotional links with them; fourth, to implement technologies, such as augmented reality, to offer dynamic information to consumers about the products, without saturating the exhibition area.

Project execution: 8 weeks
Date: enero 2017
Size: 200 mt.2
Design and Construction: KdF Arquitectura